Aiming high

Yianni Stamas on the Subject of Mountains We Climb for International Mountain day

Do You Have a Mountain You Need to Climb?

Do you have a mountain you need to climb? I know I do. Many mountains are in my life symbolically. I seem to have a lot of stuff I need to work out which I am doing so with a vengeance. And sometimes with a deep and quiet breath.

The Bond We Have

In a figurative sense we all have mountains to climb. And some of our students here at NYC Aim have climbed mountains in their lives.

Today is a Special Day for Mountains

Hello and welcome to this day 12-11-2020. Guess what today is? That’s right, it is International Mountain day. But why have a day focusing on mountains? Well, dating back to at least 1838, a group of students from Mount Holyoke College students named the day. Other colleges jumped on the band wagon including Juniata College and Smith College named it “International Mountain Day also, with the official naming coming in 1896.

What We Have in Common

But still that question has not been answered. Why have an International Mountain Day? It is because mountains are essential to our existence whether you live at at the highest elevations or even sea level, we have a bond to mountains and are impacted by them in many ways. This includes the fact that mountains provide most of our water.

Our Mountains Need Help

But that’s not all. Mountains have a large grouping of animas and plants and are the home to an estimated 1 in 10 people. For example, my brother lives near a famous mountain in California. Yet each and every day there is a big problem occurring. This is with the reality that climate change has adversely affected things like poverty and hunger affecting the amazing web of life. So International Mountain Day has to do with reminding us that our mountains need help.