Why We are in the Process of Helping to Develop a METHOD HOW to Successfully Use Media to Market Your Business that Appears on Mobile Phones

Media to the Rescue

The key reason we are in the process of creating METHOD HOW is directly related to the key reason why we started the New York City Apprenticeships in Media or NYC AIM. We knew that many of our apprentices would be going on to start their own businesses. And we realized that to succeed these days as an entrepreneur or even a employee, you need to have extra media tools. It is hard enough to start a small business but when you add the element of marketing, it becomes even more tough to deal with, especially because the primary place it would be seen would be on peoples’ phones.

Your Phone is the New Canvas

Even if you put together the business and marketing plan, the actual process of making your company successful has more moving parts than you you originally thought. And add to that technology is always evolving, then to stay competitive you need to have your finger on the pulse of media. Our definition of media is not just social, but includes all the online tools that one may use to ensure that your business is getting the best possible chance to do well. Marketing can be sometimes the most difficult because you need tangible results, and although there are low or no cost ways to do your promotional process, there are also very expensive means of promoting your company. They can be more accurate at reaching the audience you want, but even they do not score each time. We are speaking of ads on search engines or social media platforms ultimately on your mobile phone.

Big Corps with Big Prices

The benefit that ads from the big corps is that their real job is to collect data about your and others using their products. And not just the personal information you may have given when signing up for a social or search engine tool like email. Some of their most important data are the things you do, what you buy, and other of your habits on an ongoing basis. And although in theory ads can be an effective way to tap into the big American Corporate companies’ databases of digital info on people, these large conglomerates can also provide you with a miss if the right keywords were not used and other details.

A METHOD HOW to do Better with Entrepreneurial Challenges is on it Way Soon

This means potentially spending dollars on each single click, and if one or more of those clicks do not lead to purchases, you are out what you paid. Think about it. Have you ever done a web search and then see near the top of the screen that word “Ad” next to a listings? You know, the results that come before all the others? People pay for these and if you click on one of these ad links, that company sponsoring the ad gets charged a high number. Knowing that there is a need for low or no cost marketing that gets results is needed by small businesses, is our primary motivation for soon to be launching METHOD HOW. More details to come on the Blog Coalition!