Aiming high

While Drinking Your Morning Coffee Learn Stuff from “Method How” so You Can “NYC AIM” to Get What You Want as a Startup Introvert!

Not Until 27

I did not start drinking coffee until I was 27 and working night and day recording music for a film project. Now several years later, I still drinking coffee every morning, but I try to be doing something constructive at the same time.

Hello All Hope You are having a Great Summer!

Although at times it has quite hot here in Manhattan, NY, as it has also been in many states across America, there have also been wonderful weather days for NYC activities such as “Method How.” We hope you are having a great summer as we have been. Without a doubt, it has also been great here in New York City, working with others so we can save NYC together post Pandemic. It has also been awesome observing the “Method” How process in development!

It Makes Sense

It makes sense that around two months ago “Method How” did what they called a Pre-Pre Launch. It occurred on The 4th of July! It was a celebration of our wonderful country as well as a window into a methodology that will surely be helpful for those who are Startup Introverts, as in owning a business or trying to start one. So now, the date July 4th, 2022, has become a date to remember. Plus, NYC AIM, in its new incarnation and mission, is proud to be a part of the development of the “Method How.”

NYC AIM Recommends You Take AIM of Your Goals as well as when the Curtains Open and “Method How is Onstage !

We have learned that in order to have a powerful outcome, is vital to first be clear on what overall you are “aiming” at, plus ask yourself “how” you are going to get the result you hope for. Be sure to aim in a positive way at what you want, while simultaneously being clear of the problem you are solving.