Where To Now? Any Magicians Reading This?


When an apprentice comes to NYC AIM (New York City Apprenticeships in Media) the very first thing we do is find out about what her or his goals are so we can construct a program for that students needs. The more tailored your Apprenticeship is, the more likely your are to being motivated to do the work.

Learning Experience

A surprising thing, well maybe not that surprising, is that apprentices often have goals of not getting a job with a company but rather how to become a entrepreneur. Students are liking the idea of being in charge of creating their own wealth and opportunities, and although we tell them the odds, they still sign on for that learning experience.

Booking Yourself as a Magician

In our title we ask “Where to Now? Any Magicians Reading This?” We have had apprentices interested in becoming magicians. I’d like to introduce some of the outreach components specific to being a prestidigitator. First and foremost, your act must be excellent. This is true of any entertainer including comedians, singers, ventriloquists, jugglers and more.

Social Proof is Important

Remember, when you have a terrific performance offering, you are more likely to get referrals for new gigs in the first place. One popular method is getting listed with as many  entertainment agencies possible. It is possible you will get work this way, but in truth the competition is intense, given that there are myriad other performers competing. Your best hope for booking is to keep your page fresh and to include things like social proof (testimonials of prior clients). If you are just starting out and are doing free shows, be sure to get the person who booked you to give you a testimonial.


Though, worry not, being in many booking firms is just the beginning. You can provide links to those pages for legitimacy and if you do get a booking from them you can put it on that page. But meanwhile you need to stay focused on the DIYdigi element. In other words, promote yourself with as many digital tools as you are able to acquiring including social such as Facebook and so on.