We are Considering Developing a Digital Learning Product on Sustainable Branding

3 General Business Models for Businesses Today are In-Person, Digital and Hybrid

Warning, this is going to be a bit of a brain dump regarding what has led up to our plans for expanding the educational reach to potentially include entrepreneurs. The Pandemic has impacted the way we learn here in New York City. As of late, remote learning for students has made a return because of Omicron’s fast run to now being the dominant strain at approximately 75% of the cases. This is makes it tough for small businesses depending on the industry and whether or not its business model is in person or is digital or is a hybrid of the two.

Demand for Low or No Budget Sustainable Branding

And the need for many entrepreneurs is moving toward more of a virtual approach, which can mean the need for hiring a marketer or tech expert or consultant, which can get expensive. This is why for many businesses wanting to make the change, especially those with limited budgets, are searching for a reasonably learning experience whether it be an online video course or digital learning products of some kind. And strangely enough, one of the most popular topics, other than digital transformation, is branding.

A Bridge

Odd? Maybe not. Because now more than ever brands need to differentiate themselves in their market and industry. Because branding is not just for the enormous name brands anymore. For a small business wanting to start converting much of what they do to the web, they are also concerned with making sure the effort is worth the cost and effort. Therefore, leveraging in any way possible to stand out and get the most attention and hence customers. And Sustainable Branding can be that bridge.


And for the hands-on micro businesses, for which the owner who is involved directly with daily operations, they are starting to tap into step-by-step internet education to “go digital,” alongside with what they hope to find which is a simple, fast and effective way to learn some of the basics of branding techniques and strategies. The theory behind this is that, if they want to get the most out of their self-teaching, they can augment it with with courses and digital based solutions.

Activating the Branding Process

The formats of education possible, might even include working for a brief time with a Zoom educator, much like a consultant who can send small businesses on their way with the information they need to succeed. Again, when one typically talks about brands, it tends to be thought of in conjunction with the big ones, but as mentioned earlier, even small or micro businesses can benefit from talking the steps necessary to activate the branding process.

The 21 Categories of Sustainable Branding

Participating entrepreneurs would receive the benefits of continual opportunity to choose and work with 21 different categories of Sustainable Branding that include the 7 elements, the 7 strategies and the 7 management techniques. When choices are made in these areas, they can be immediately be put to work so a business can raise their awareness within their market quickly. So, at present, we are considering developing a digital learning product on Sustainable Branding. More to come.