Updates On NYC AIM

No New Apprentices

We now work with people digitally for various media activities involving PhotoShop, Final Cut Pro and more. We have all the products and services (including Movie Process’ Distribution Wing) of a regular production company but only online. Lately we’ve been receiving messages from those wanting to have a New York City Apprenticeship in Media (NYC AIM). Unfortunately at this time we are not taking on any new apprentices as well as doing any Media Administration workshops. Our focus from this point forward is going to be on online education such as collaborating on eBooks.

Persistance Can Pay

What then are options for those wanting to get into the film or media industries? One of the best ways to get your break is to become an intern for a company you would like to work at. I have a friend who got her start through doing this. They told her that no internships were being offered. She persisted and got an internship with a major studio. Persistance can pay if it’s done with some sensitivity.

Creating Opportunities

When doing an internship for a large company or studio, the downer is that you will likely receive low pay or even no pay. Sometimes it is a good idea to keep on going. The aim is to get your foot in the door and create more opportunities for yourself once you are in.

You Could Go Far

At the start of your internship there will likely be menial activities for you to do. But be tenacious and keep moving forward. If you have strong passionate motivation and are a people person, you could go far and maybe get into Media Administration.

Maybe Teach Yourself

Yet another way is to teach yourself like they do at Movie Process. A big free resource for this is YouTube. You can find a solution to just about any area that you want more information on.

You Can Educate Yourself

That’s what my brother and I did which has paid off. The process of teaching myself began a few years after I had, had an apprenticeship and had made some contacts. But I knew I needed more. So I taught myself by opening a business. It was profitable all 12 years of its existence and I was constantly having to teach myself new things because technology kept evolving.

Start Your Own Business?

Starting your own business is risky. But if you are able to define the solution you provide for those with the problem, you could succeed!