three pillars of nyc aim by yianni stamas

I had lunch yesterday with my friend Bob and we discussed three important concepts/steps/pillars in education and psychology, needed to move forward and succeed. They are listed below with very generalized definitions:


Self-efficacy which relates to a person’s own belief  in him or herself to succeed.

Self Regulate – the ability to deal with challenging situations

Metacognition – knowing about knowing – strategies for problem solving

Years ago when I was a part of an apprentice program for filmmaking and media I had the opportunity to direct and work with a now very well known actor.

Although I have known Bob more than twenty years, he had never seen the film. I gave him a copy of it as it symbolizes in part being the result of a creative process using the three pillars.

And now decades later with the New York City Apprenticeships in Media  taking form with an exclusive educational enclave of the best and brightest,  former apprentices are now taking on apprentices. And the three phases are factored into that process.