The Aim of NYC AIM

Now on the Web

From the very beginning the “aim” of NYC AIM was to fulfill “New York City Apprenticeships in Media,” also known as the acronym NYC AIM. What started as a live and in person experience has since been moved to the web so that more people are able to participate.

NYC Triple Header

For 12 years NYC AIM shared with Video Film Web in Midtown Manhattan. In many ways, and all evolved together. At one time they were known as the NYC Triple Header.

Online Education is the Place to Be!

By 2018 it was clear that NYC AIM needed to find its home online. And as of August, 2019, there is even an internet program of online courses that has been added through the new website, USA eLearning. USA eLearning teaching materials are all digitally based and include online courses, email courses and PDF eBooks.