NYC AIM deconstruction by Yianni Stamas

Solution seekers and the solutions they seek.

The NYC AIM Web Empowerment System is a step by step approach to using the internet and special information web sites to reach specific groups of people who are searching online for solutions to problems.

Become a “Go Between”

The NYC AIM approach has the aim to get you in front of the people who are searching for your solution or to allow you to find topics and products that groups are interested in and be the “go between” between the people searching and the product they are searching for.

Connect with people

With the NYC AIM system this means not only connecting people with the solutions they seek but also you provide the service of wedding seekers with solutions.

How to Find a Niche by looking within.

The knowledge for determining a good niche comes out of a combination of in depth research techniques online as well as experience and putting yourself in the place of the consumer searching for the solution.

Solving problems

Specifically the niche you use must match the product you choose to present to this market demographic. It must solve the problem they are seeking a solution for.