New York City Apprenticeships in Media

Going Forward

New York City Apprenticeships in Media or for short, NYC AIM, was created on the foundation of helping apprentices launch careers for themselves. Back when we first started this process things were very different than they are today. We work hard to keep our finger on the pulse of what is going to be helpful to employment going forward.

Developing Your Own Path

As many of you know we are big fans of ArtisticPreneurship where the artist takes control of her or his business live and develops a business through this means. We are proud of our apprentices and are happy that many of them have been able to accomplish this. Though we also recognize that is not so much our program as having chosen apprentices who already had a savvy for developing their own path.

Don’t Wait for Opportunities

On a broader spectrum, we hope that over the years we have had an impact on our readers, some of whom may have been seeking a career in media. The message we have given out and continue to do so is to blaze your own trail, take control of your media practice and don’t wait to be given an opportunity but instead to evolve your own road ahead.