Digital Collaboration

New York City Apprenticeships in Media are Now Virtual

Taking it Virtual

When NYC AIM (also known as New York City Apprenticeships in Media) was created in 2011, its goals were to help in-person apprentices and interns of “Video Film Web,” to develop their multimedia skills. Getting these skills were designed to help the students to become digital professionals for hire. Or, for others to receive educational experiences that would show them how to promote their own business if they wanted to start one. Then in 2013, Video Film Web closed its office and studio after 12 years. This was done to now serve clients online. This meant that learning programs (like NYC AIM) would continue their missions, now in the form of digital information products.

eBook Solutions to Problems

Developing and publishing digital education products can be done on topics that fill a need. This process can be quite challenging unless you know the steps to take. Hence we began to work with companies such as “USA How To” and “NYC Create.” They helped us as consultants to be able to refine our approach and ultimately to take on a new business model. We started to not only help apprentices on the web, but also began to provide for businesses with online solutions to problems they faced as entrepreneurs.

Your Entrepreneurial Undertakings

Our goal then became to offer digital products that, regardless of whether you are a beginner or pro, would show you the step-by-step information you need to make a better income on the internet. This goes for both fulltime digital businesses as well as for those of you who are doing side hustles. We put a lot of work into developing easy online strategies that are useful and can instantly be applied to your entrepreneurial undertakings.