Media Projects You Can Do

Digital Media Projects You Can Do

In the past the apprentices we worked with would decided on a special digital media project they would work on, followed by actually implementing it. At the time we were working in a studio in midtown Manhattan where we could do both video and a variety of computer generated products and services. But you don’t need a fancy studio to be successful with digital media projects for your business or passion career.

Create Your Own Blog

We suggest from the onset that you create your own blog. It is going to be most effective if your blog is a part of your website. This means new pages of content and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). A part of the way that blogs are used these days is as a method to develop your ambassadors. This is done by first befriending your audience and then asking them to help you promote.

Many Projects to Pick From

Our students worked on a variety of kinds of topics including (1) creating a website, (2) developing a vlog, (3) putting together a PowerPoint presentation, (4) making a music video, (5) filming a public service announcement, (6) writing a play/movie script and (7) designing a personal logo. These projects are all things you can do too. Why are we telling you about these? They are presented to possibly inspire you to do your own media work. Why wait around? Do.

Create a Website

Creating a website can be a great way to hone your skills. There are many options for doing this. Just about every web host has a web builder and of course there’s always PowerPoint.

Develop a Vlog

This can be a fun one if you have the performing bug. Try to do a new installment every day, or every other day, or at least weekly. The mere act of regularly doing vlog posts will help to lead to building your audience.

Put Together a PowerPoint Presentation

This can actually involve a lot of creativity and planning. You want to think in terms of what is the purpose of the presentation? Who is it being shown to? And is it fulfilling its purpose?

Make a Music Video

This is a great way to not only work on your videography skills but can be helpful in developing editing skills.

Film a Public Service Announcement

It’s important to “give back.” Pick a cause you believe in and figure out a way through video to help that cause fulfill its mission.

Write a Play/Movie Script

This can be a terrific exploration of learning about how to tell a story.

Just a Few

These are just a few of the kind of projects you can do to evolve you skill set. A big thank you goes out to Manhattan Magician who shared his media expertise with us, as well as the group at Media Administration who inspired us to keep going with our “How To” approach.