John Yianni Stamas asks: “Are You an ArtisticPreneur or Solopreneur or Both?!”

Are you a small business owner who wants to be more artistic? Or may you’re an artist who wants to have the tools of an entrepreneur? Do you consider yourself to be an ArtisticPreneur or a SoloPreneur? Keep reading for some insights!

Defining a SoloPreneur as a Subcategory of Being an ArtisticPreneur

Hi. John Yianni Stamas here. As many of you know, we sometimes take on NYC AIM Apprentices (online). On a few occasions we’ve had apprentices ask us “What is a solopreneur and how do I become one? And of course, because of our association with, we answer:

“Being a SoloPreneur is a subcategory of being an ArtisticPreneur.” In other words how we see it is that an ArtisticPreneur is a type of entrepreneur that can then be broken down into many facets, one of which is to be a SoloPreneur.”

That said, one definition of being an ArtisticPreneur/SoloPreneur might be:

“Someone who works by her or himself and whose primary contact with others, including clients and vendors, is done digitally.”

There are several other definitions of SoloPreneurs as well.

How Do I Get Clients as a SoloPreneur/ArtisticPreneur?

When an Apprentice asks about becoming a SoloPreneur, what they are generally most interested in is how a SoloPreneur is able to get clients and make a living. Of course there are quite a bit of ways of getting clients, but an interesting we came upon was featured in a Harvard Business Review article ( entitled “How Successful Solopreneurs Make Money.” In the piece the woman who transcribed the interview asked the woman she was interviewing about ways to get new clients. Featured in the article was an innovative way to do so:

“But what she did that was fascinating was that she used the podcast as a way of getting to know the people she wanted to get to know. And, amazingly, more than 25 percent of the people who have been guests on her podcast actually hired her for consulting services as a result, not because she was pitching them hard, not because she said, Oh, this is a quid pro quo. Now you have to hire me. But she was able to use the podcast as an entry point to a relationship, which she then cultivated over time, developed it, added value in free ways, you know, offering things like suggestions about ways that people could improve their websites. And then a lot of those people wrote back and said, That’s amazing, Fei. Could you do that for me? And she’s built a very successful business.”

How Delegating Tasks Can Make a Difference for ArtisticPreneurs/SoloPreneurs

Another post that you might find useful is called “7 Tips To Become A Successful Solopreneur” as seen on the website entitled And one of the tips given had to do with the importance of delegating tasks also known as automating your business:

“As you develop your business, you will come across things you don’t enjoy. Creating automated systems will increase your productivity because your system will run itself. You also will create more time to invest in your strengths. You can use automation for social media posts, newsletters, invoice reminders, templates, and more!”

Another Definition of SoloPreneur

Another take on defining what a SoloPreneur is can be found on the website

“A solopreneur is not an entrepreneur. As a solopreneur, you’re everything in your business – quality control, operations, business development, accountant, human resources, driver, office assistant, cleaner, etc. You’re responsible for making sure everything works & you’re responsible for the successes and the failures. You’re not interested in becoming a large corporation or selling the company down the line.”

More on Automation has another take on automation, this time in regards to your marketing.

“Marketing automation. If you don’t automate your marketing, you’ll have to do everything manually, including putting up social media posts and blog posts, doing search engine optimization, sending emails and so much more.”

ArtisticPreneur or SoloPreneur or Both?

In the final analysis it doesn’t really matter whether you define yourself as being an ArtisticPreneur or a SoloPreneur, both terms are fine. What matters is what you DO to make your creative business happen. Are you an artist who is looking for more fans? Or are you a small business who wants to get more new customers and clients? Regardless it all goes back to the concept that you are somehow solving a problem.

What Problem do You Solve as an ArtisticPreneur or SoloPreneur?

People often ask me how can you be an artist and solve a problem? One answer is that you could do a business that solves a problem for other artists. Or, let’s say you do comedy and want more fans. The problem you’re solving in a sense is getting people to laugh which is something that most people want (to laugh). If you’re a small business owner it’s a bit easier to define the problem you solve. Let’s say for example you cut hair. You are solving the problem for those who need a haircut. We hope you were able to glean something useful and relevant in this post. See you next time.