Is Harry Houdini the Greatest Marketer to Ever Live?

Harry Houdini the Marketer
Harry Houdini the Marketer

At NYC AIM (New York City Apprenticeships in Media) we study the greats of media and marketing who came before us. One of my personal favorites is the renowned escape artist Harry Houdini who is one of my personal favorites because when I was younger I was a magician myself.

Ask most people if they’ve ever heard of Harry Houdini and the response will likely be “Yes.” This is a testament to the great marketer that H.H. was. But how did he achieve this? That’s what the article at the Manhattan Magician blog attempts to answer. The blog entry looks at some of the aspects of Houdini’s life that helped to build his name recognition.

Ultimately any apprentice or student of media has a lot to learn from the man. He seamlessly combined his artistry with his promotions. He lead a very creative life as an ArtisticPreneur. Some say he was driven by his love for his mother. First, when she was alive, to shower her with gifts and then after her death his attempts to communicate with her from the great beyond.

Regardless of what motivated Harry Houdini, most biographers agree that every minute of every hour he was alive he was driven to succeed and to be known by the public. There is a school of thought that Houdini wasn’t always the nicest person to be around because he had to dominate everything and to always be the winner, even in the context that wasn’t intended as a competition. But this is also probably what pushed him to achieve.