How Turn Times of Tension into the Release of Laughter with Branding in Your Comedic Sales Video

Let’s face it, times or tough, but does that mean we should turn off laughter entirely and thereby risk falling off of the tightrope?

No of course not, but if you plan to use comedy in your digital promoting you are going to need to be very careful.

For example, let’s say you are in a dire situation where all hope is lost, juxtaposing this with someone who appropriately gets across some mirth, can be moving and generate a much-needed giggle.

In other words, if someone can take a tension filled circumstance and still receive a laugh can be of much value in tough times.

But on the flip side of this, if the brand message tries to cram in too much about the product or service being represented into a comedic spot, this can be a turn off.

So, you have to be clear about when to be funny and add in the giggles quite carefully.

Start by going back to the basics. Character and the specific situation that individual is in can make for amusement. Specifically, this is possible by there being an incongruity between the central character and the environment and circumstance they are in.

If there is a lot of contrast and juxtaposition between these elements, it is sometimes called “fish out of water.”

A key to making this approach to work is to first create a rough draft and then go back and tweak in detail, making certain that the spot you are developing has the right kind of contrast with the best possible intensity.

Get this wrong and your commercial or video might fall flat on its face after slipping on a banana peel.

One of the best ways that a product or service can receive help from humor is when somehow the concept that is funny is tied directly or indirectly with the brand itself.

It is a fine line because on the one hand you want to get across the features and benefits of the product and service, but on the other hand you do not want to hit them over the head with it, thereby turning them off.

As always think through ultimately the CTA (Call to Action) you want the viewer to take.

Because even when times are tough, there is an audience ready for a much-needed laugh despite the times.