Do it All On Your Phone

All on Our Phones

New York City Apprenticeships In Media, also known as NYC Aim, is very different today than it was when it first started several years ago. The main difference now as compared to then is that these days we do all our work on our phones.

How to Work with Us

And this is a good thing because all our apprentices have phones and all of them enjoy working on them. This has also made it possible to work with apprentices all over America. Our slogan could be “If you’ve got a phone, you can work with us.

Your Phone as a Creative Tool

Of course not everyone wants to edit video, compose music and more on their hand held device. Some may think that this actually inhibits their creativity because of the difficulty of hitting those small keys. This is true but not for everyone. The vast majority of the apprentices don’t feel this way and even prefer using their phone as a creative tool!