COMING SOON to One of the Blog Coalition Sites is the Key to How to Register the Best Possible Domain Name for Your Blog or Website

Seeking a Domain Name is often Not a Chronological Process

For reasons that I am not even clear on, I am fascinated with the process of selecting and registering a domain name. In this post I am not going to dive into the actual method I use to pick a domain because I am currently working “backstage” on a checklist for that very purpose that mentions the different tactics that you will hopefully find useful to your own domain name search undertaking.

The Reason that Searching for a Domain Name is Not a Series of Consecutive Steps

The reason that the tips for trying to find a domain name are not in a numbered order, is because the procedure for doing so is nonlinear. Each step you take can go many different directions, depending on the step just taken prior. In many ways looking for an attractive name is more of an art than a science. Finding a domain is more intuitive than logical.

Preparing for Possible Collaboration

NYC AIM is likely going to join with other sites from the Blog Coalition to explore methods of getting results in business. In many ways it all starts with having a strong domain name. If you do not have one, it can make the branding of your business or career a tough nut to crack. If we do successfully reach the point of putting together a checklist that constitutes features needed for a domain success, it will be a part of a larger “How To” project.