Change Continues by Adapting to Pandemic Impacted Model

A New C.C. World

It is hard to believe that it is going on six months since we last updated the NYC AIM blog. We are sure some will understand why. Especially those of you who are experiencing first hand the reality of the C.C.C. (COVID Created Challenges) and how this has necessitated changes throughout the entire process of reinvention.

The Aspirin for this Headache

The pain on the brain can be overwhelming and one for which, depending on your industry, the journey can even be exhilarating. There are many kinds of remote educational programs that have enjoyed the ride because of the positive aspects that the pandemic has had for them. This is mostly due to the increase in the need for more activities that can be done indoors.

NYC Update on COVID’s Impact

Now that the Delta variant has fully taken control, it is yet another hoop to have to jump through. Thanks to those of you who have been keeping in touch. It does mean a lot. We love your enthusiasm for the apprentice model. The framework of passing on a skill to those who are emerging has been under valued for a long time. But that is changing as it becomes clearer day by day, that better ways of preparing for the future are required. Training and teaching are at the core of the solution.

A Brighter Vision of the Future

Things continue to get more and more complicated in our society, but that is to be expected. In every era this occurred, even thousands of years ago. So it is not even a question. It “Is what it is.” We should adapt to change as well as generate change. Ultimately we are all in this together and therefore need to start to see a brighter vision for the future. For our children and children’s children. But we need to start unifying in our preparation a better outcome. See you in another six months. Hopefully not. Hopefully check in with you sooner than that. All the best.