Two Entities Working Together to Reinvent the Mission and Function of the “New York City Apprenticeships in Media” if this is Possible at All?


METHOD HOW is one of the latest additions to the approximately sixty websites of the Blog Coalition of which NYC AIM is a longstanding member. And now we are embarking on the METHOD HOW to look from the past to the present to the future.

What Does MEDIA Mean Today?

When we get the results we will let you know of course. Meanwhile, thus far in this process we have begun to focus on a definition of media and if it has changed over time. Or more specifically. what does the word “Media” mean now in our name “New York City Apprenticeships in MEDIA?’

Traditional Use of the Term “Media

NYC AIM had already been around as an informal “Collective” a few years prior to launching this site in December of 2011. But amazingly there were versions of what eventually become known as Social Media as far back as the ’80’s!

Merging and Emerging Media

Currently when you use the term “Media,” many people assume you mean Social Media. And yet, although they appear to be fazing out, there are still many of the traditional forms of media in existence today. A very general look at “Media” shows this:

  • Internet
  • Social Media
  • Newspapers
  • Books
  • Magazines
  • Movies
  • Video Games
  • Music
  • SaaS

Use of the Term “The Media” is still used by some to describe the work of journalists of a variety of different kinds.

A User Revolution

Not enough is written about or documented, ironically, using “Media,” to cover the very important reality change that is occurring currently, informally called “User Revolution.”

All You Need is…?

All you need today is a phone, and in some instances not even apps that are downloaded. There are now rapidly growing in various industries SaaS (Software as a Service).


The consumer now has access to SaaS sites that empower them. This is in tandem with their quickly evolving phones.

U.R. is Here to Stay Since it has Always Been Present in One Form or Another

There have been ongoing disruptions throughout time, going as far back as then invention of the wheel and much further before that as well.

What is the Bottom Line Question that NYC AIM has in Regards the U.R.?

The bottom line question that the New York City Apprenticeships in Media is now asking is about the User Revolution. NYC AIM is reevaluating how they can be relevant in a time where the advancement of Tech is in overdrive.

The Consumer has All the Tools at Their Disposal

In other words, the consumer currently has easy access and use of all the tools that used to be only be available to the professional media creator. These tools include website creation, video editing, video production, graphics creation and so on.


All the consumer needs is their phone to do all this. How then can the Professional Media Creator be needed and relevant? What does the consumer need, if anything, from the P.M.C.?

Change Continues by Adapting to Pandemic Impacted Model

A New C.C. World

It is hard to believe that it is going on six months since we last updated the NYC AIM blog. We are sure some will understand why. Especially those of you who are experiencing first hand the reality of the C.C.C. (COVID Created Challenges) and how this has necessitated changes throughout the entire process of reinvention.

The Aspirin for this Headache

The pain on the brain can be overwhelming and one for which, depending on your industry, the journey can even be exhilarating. There are many kinds of remote educational programs that have enjoyed the ride because of the positive aspects that the pandemic has had for them. This is mostly due to the increase in the need for more activities that can be done indoors.

NYC Update on COVID’s Impact

Now that the Delta variant has fully taken control, it is yet another hoop to have to jump through. Thanks to those of you who have been keeping in touch. It does mean a lot. We love your enthusiasm for the apprentice model. The framework of passing on a skill to those who are emerging has been under valued for a long time. But that is changing as it becomes clearer day by day, that better ways of preparing for the future are required. Training and teaching are at the core of the solution.

A Brighter Vision of the Future

Things continue to get more and more complicated in our society, but that is to be expected. In every era this occurred, even thousands of years ago. So it is not even a question. It “Is what it is.” We should adapt to change as well as generate change. Ultimately we are all in this together and therefore need to start to see a brighter vision for the future. For our children and children’s children. But we need to start unifying in our preparation a better outcome. See you in another six months. Hopefully not. Hopefully check in with you sooner than that. All the best.

New York City Apprenticeships in Media are Now Virtual

Taking it Virtual

When NYC AIM (also known as New York City Apprenticeships in Media) was created in 2011, its goals were to help in-person apprentices and interns of “Video Film Web,” to develop their multimedia skills. Getting these skills were designed to help the students to become digital professionals for hire. Or, for others to receive educational experiences that would show them how to promote their own business if they wanted to start one. Then in 2013, Video Film Web closed its office and studio after 12 years. This was done to now serve clients online. This meant that learning programs (like NYC AIM) would continue their missions, now in the form of digital information products.

eBook Solutions to Problems

Developing and publishing digital education products can be done on topics that fill a need. This process can be quite challenging unless you know the steps to take. Hence we began to work with companies such as “USA How To” and “NYC Create.” They helped us as consultants to be able to refine our approach and ultimately to take on a new business model. We started to not only help apprentices on the web, but also began to provide for businesses with online solutions to problems they faced as entrepreneurs.

Your Entrepreneurial Undertakings

Our goal then became to offer digital products that, regardless of whether you are a beginner or pro, would show you the step-by-step information you need to make a better income on the internet. This goes for both fulltime digital businesses as well as for those of you who are doing side hustles. We put a lot of work into developing easy online strategies that are useful and can instantly be applied to your entrepreneurial undertakings.

Collaboration in the Digital Age

Digital Collaboration
We are collaborating digitally with people all over the country, and for that matter, the world. It is an exciting time!

Back to the Beginning of NYC AIM

When NYC AIM, also known as New York City Apprenticeships in Media, first started back in December of 2011, one of the first posts we did gave an overview of the kinds of experiences we were going to engage our apprentices with. Those categories, among other things, consisted of targeting your audience and niche, SEO – search engine optimization, two step selling, media personality PR, online publicity, article writing, promotional and educational videos, ecommerce, backlinks and social, email and mobile

In some ways our curriculum hasn’t changed that much, but there is one thing not on the list that is definitely very different than it was back in 2011. What is it? It’s how we collaborate. We used to all be in one physical media studio in Midtown Manhattan, in other words all in the same room when we worked together. Now we very rarely, if ever, are in the same place, unless we’re speaking of a DIGITAL place.

Digital Collaboration has changed the way we collaborate in a big way. Now we able to work with apprentices all over America, all over the world for that matter.

The Purpose of Digital Collaboration as Seen by Wikipedia looks at digital collaboration this way:

“Digital collaboration is using digital technologies for collaboration. Dramatically different from traditional collaboration, it connects a broader network of participants who can accomplish much more than they would on their own.”

Fostering Digital Cultural Characteristics According to Forbes looks at the integration of digital technology in business in an interesting way. Something they put at the top of their list is fostering digital cultural characteristics:

“Without a change in the way people work and behave, the technology falls flat. In other words, without actively fostering digital cultural characteristics, such as customer centricity, responsiveness or breaking down the silos that traditionally exist between business and IT, digital transformation efforts flounder.”

Digital Collaboration and the Way it Changes How We Work With Clients Including ArtisticPreneurs

For the NYC AIM program as well as another organization called, we have done our best to integrate digitally.

ArtisticPreneurship and Digital Collaboration Through the Eyes of Artist Steps

Digital collaboration has definitely transformed how we interact with clients. We now are able to accept work from customers who are thousands of miles away. And this is a boon for the ArtisticPreneur collective which is an informal group of freelance digital experts who do most of their jobs for people they never see, accept for the occasional Skype Call.

Confused by the term ArtisticPreneur which is also a website located at No need to be unsure what ArtisticPreneur means. Artist Steps magazine is an online publication about the ways artists can take steps with things like digital collaboration. describes what an ArtisticPreneur is to them:

“When trying to define what an artisticpreneur is, the first thing most people think is that it is a shortened name for an artistic entrepreneur. And you’d be right if you thought this, but it’s really only a small part of what it means to be an artisticpreneur.”

They go further in the article to talk about how ArtisticPreneurs are people with dreams. Our apprentices of NYC AIM are like that also. They are very driven by a dream which is why they work with us in the first place. And although there is the fact that we may never see them in person, it doesn’t change the degree to which they are committed to go beyond expectation.

Digital Collaboration: Everyone Needs to Play in the Same Sandbox Seems to Be Implied by Forbes

An article in had some interesting insights into digital collaboration:

“As smartphones and other digital innovations proliferate, teams are more dispersed than ever. A 2016 Gallup survey showed that 43% of employed Americans spend at least some time working remotely. Further, the eruption of enterprise application software has offered employees seemingly endless options for how they perform their work. This often leads to different teams preferring to work with different tools. For project managers to succeed, there is a growing need for a common interface that brings teams together.”

Agreeing on Technology Can Bring Teams and Collaborations Together

Getting everyone at NYC AIM – both apprentices and mentors – to agree on the technology used was an important step. When we were all in agreement on what gadgets and apps we were going to use things got much easier.

Back to the Beginning and Forward to the Future Including DigiComArts, Lights Camera Read, Video Film Web and Now ArtisticPreneur

As mentioned at the start of this post, we went back to the beginning. The beginning for us was when we were collaborating with DigiComArts and Lights Camera Read doing their workshops at the New York Public Library. Video Film Web’s involvement was also important.

Now the concept of all “being on the same page” has an additional meaning which is agreeing on the digital tools of collaboration. We face new challenges each day as technology evolves and disrupts. Thankfully we have ArtisticPreneur to help us out. In terms of digital collaboration, our goal is “United We Stand.”