Updates On NYC AIM

No New Apprentices

We now work with people digitally for various media activities involving PhotoShop, Final Cut Pro and more. We have all the products and services (including Movie Process’ Distribution Wing) of a regular production company but only online. Lately we’ve been receiving messages from those wanting to have a New York City Apprenticeship in Media (NYC AIM). Unfortunately at this time we are not taking on any new apprentices as well as doing any Media Administration workshops. Our focus from this point forward is going to be on online education such as collaborating on eBooks.

Persistance Can Pay

What then are options for those wanting to get into the film or media industries? One of the best ways to get your break is to become an intern for a company you would like to work at. I have a friend who got her start through doing this. They told her that no internships were being offered. She persisted and got an internship with a major studio. Persistance can pay if it’s done with some sensitivity.

Creating Opportunities

When doing an internship for a large company or studio, the downer is that you will likely receive low pay or even no pay. Sometimes it is a good idea to keep on going. The aim is to get your foot in the door and create more opportunities for yourself once you are in.

You Could Go Far

At the start of your internship there will likely be menial activities for you to do. But be tenacious and keep moving forward. If you have strong passionate motivation and are a people person, you could go far and maybe get into Media Administration.

Maybe Teach Yourself

Yet another way is to teach yourself like they do at Movie Process. A big free resource for this is YouTube. You can find a solution to just about any area that you want more information on.

You Can Educate Yourself

That’s what my brother and I did which has paid off. The process of teaching myself began a few years after I had, had an apprenticeship and had made some contacts. But I knew I needed more. So I taught myself by opening a business. It was profitable all 12 years of its existence and I was constantly having to teach myself new things because technology kept evolving.

Start Your Own Business?

Starting your own business is risky. But if you are able to define the solution you provide for those with the problem, you could succeed!

The Aim of NYC AIM

Now on the Web

From the very beginning the “aim” of NYC AIM was to fulfill “New York City Apprenticeships in Media,” also known as the acronym NYC AIM. What started as a live and in person experience has since been moved to the web so that more people are able to participate.

The Original “Total” Program

The orginal idea of NYC AIM was to create a “total apprenticeship experience,” meaning that all areas were covered. These areas included learning via NYC Workshops as well as a place to live as explored in NYC Housing Lottery.

NYC Triple Header

For 12 years NYC AIM shared with Video Film Web in Midtown Manhattan. In many ways NYCaim.com, NYCworkshops.com and NYChousingLottery.com all evolved together. At one time they were known as the NYC Triple Header.

Evolving Together

NYC Aim itself started it all by being launched in December of 2011, followed a few years after that by NYC Workshops in October of 2013, with NYC Housing Lottery trailing several years after that beginning in January of 2017.

Online Education is the Place to Be!

By 2018 it was clear that NYC AIM needed to find its home online. And as of August, 2019, there is even an internet program of online courses that has been added through the new website, USA eLearning. USA eLearning teaching materials are all digitally based and include online courses, email courses and PDF eBooks.

Any Age is Welcome

So where is NYC AIM to go to from here? The plan is to focus on online education with folks from all over the USA now participating. One thing that became clear to us from the very start, was that the apprenticeships went to people from ages 18 to 60 or more.

No Boundries Holding You Back

The feedback was that in an often agist world it was refreshing to have an organization that catered to all ages, because learning knows no boundries when it comes to age.

Not Just for those Over 50

In fact, it was one of the older apprentice participants who started the site Over50USA.com, which by the way you don’t have to be over 50 in order to participate. You can of course be any age.

Provided for Artists of All Kinds

The NYC Triple Header of NYC AIM, NYC Workshops and NYC Housing Lottery continue to work together with a slightly different overall mission. The mission now is to help artists of all kinds by providing online education and information about artist housing when available.

NYC Create Creates Opportunities for Creatives

NYC Create is the new arts organization that has as its mission to help artists – including musicians, writers, filmmakers etc. – to promote themselves, build their audience and ultimately monetize their art.

In a recent blog entry NYC Create announced the 2018 Platinum PIAs winners. Our congratulations go out to Bobby Hart, Danny Hicks, Gary Summers and Martin Stephens all of whom are artists making a difference in their communities and around the world.

In this same blog entry, NYC Create also gave tips and steps to be more successful as an artist, specifically during the “Proof Concept” phase of running your art as a business. This is what makes NYC Create unique in that it provides information each week for creatives to be able to take their creative careers to the next level.

In fact, NYC Create offers an information packed weekly email newsletter to help you achieve your goals as an artisticpreneur.

As subscribers ourselves we at NYC AIM recommend this newsletter as a source for those wanting to move the sharing and monetizing of their creativity forward online.

John Yianni Stamas Shows You How to Create a Creative Side Business in 3 Easy Steps

Would you like to create a creative side business that is aligned with your artistic passion? It’s a lot easier than you might think.

1. Define you artistic passion.
2. Think of something that those involved with your artistic passion desperately need.
3. Come up with a solution for for that need. For example, imagine that acting is your passion, a solution for actors to get work is a good demo reel. You could start a side business editing actor’s demo reels.

That’s all there is to it. We followed the same procedure when putting our “Artist Steps” program together. We knew that artists of all kinds needed a way to build visibility for their art in the marketplace while making a living.

We stepped a bit “out of the box” and developed a system for being able to effectively do fundraising for, as well as make, a web series that would bring the “wow factor” to someone’s work being showcased in it. You see, we live in the digital age and unless you are engaged in it in a unique way you are missing out for your career.

If you apply out of the box thinking you can come up with a service that people need that is fun for you to do, plus is in sync with your pursuit of your art form.

Yianni Stamas Says the Platinum Pias are Open to More than Just Apprentices

The Platinum Pias Community Awards Show for Actors and Artists has long had a relationship with education through Lights Camera Read and NYC Aim. But those engaged in education, such as apprentices, are not the only attendees. There are artist entrepreneurs from all walks of life.

And here is your opportunity to attend too because tomorrow is the Platinum Pias Awards! Go here to find out more.

GaGa for GaGa

ArtisticPreneurA lot can be learned by paying attention to others. The next Platinum PIAs will be awarded in February of next year and one contestant in particular – a hairdresser – is making headway as an artist. How is he doing it? By leveraging his two passions.

He told NYC AIM that his two passions are hair styling and Lady Gaga. And now he is combining both of them by creating an upcoming event and video.

What are you passionate about? If you were an ArtisticPreneur what kind of ArtisticPrenuer would you be?

If you aren’t already doing it, consider leveraging something you are gaga about.

honoring firefighters by helping them look and feel their best


Month to month in the build to the 2013 PIAs in December, Dramatics is participating in the PIAs’ “Monthly Honoring New Yorkers” program where different New Yorkers from different professions are thanked for their participation in helping to make NYC a great place to live.

In January it was “Firefighters Month” and Dramatics NYC PIA winner Armani was featured.

Now that it’s February we’ve entered “ArtisticPreneurs Month”.

Yianni Stamas Explores Bigfoot in Oregon

Bigfoot Zombie

It seems to never have been proven definitively that Bigfoot Zombie exists yet rumors continue to circulate in Inwood Manhattan that in Inwood Hill Park the Sasquatch Undead has been seen there. And now Yianni Stamas in his blog explores Bigfoot in Oregon. From the tone of his entry, one gets that Stamas doesn’t believe that there is a connection between the recent alleged presence of the hairy guy in a Native American Reservation in the Blue Mountains and the sighting last year in Inwood. Though it is fun to speculate. And in this instance, a possible Platinum PIA nomination will go to the crew of “Bigfoot Zombie” magazine who are preparing a DigiComArts project.


Yianni Stamas Congratulates Magic Neighbors Winner

Yianni Stamas congratulates Magic Neighbors Platinum PIA winner Harliquin Merva.

Harliquin was originally scheduled to direct the 2012 Platinum PIAs at the Helen Mills Theater in New York City. But then, emerging director Jesse Geiger was assigned to the post. Harliquin focused instead on the grand finale of the PIAs which featured a preview and premiere from his live theater production in development “Lovington”. Next, in a surprise twist, Harliquin walked away with the Magic Neighbors PIA!

The Platinum PIAs in 2013 will be having their fourth annual ceremony. The PIAs are an important component in the educational mission of NYC AIM.