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You Get Help from Educators and in Turn You Can Become an Official Educator Yourself!

An Online Course Can Take Many Shapes and Forms and these Courses are a Great Way for You to Become an Official Educator

We live in a society here in the USA where people often help each other with challenges they have when learning a new topic, skill or process. Chances are that “You Get Help” on occasion from experts who work in areas you might not be as qualified in, but at the same time, since you have expertise yourself, it is likely you work as a consultant or instructor as well. They point is that you get help and you give help as well.

You may know from our newsletter that we have been engaged with putting together a step by step course on how to get known as an expert. Being known as an expert take marketing. Even if you are the best expert in your field of expertise, without promoting yourself or networking, you may not get the consultancies or teaching gigs that you deserve.

And the concept of marketing can take on a variety of different forms that you may not immediately think of it as being marketing and yet it is. For example, teaching an online workshop is considered marketing. Anything and everything you do is considered a form of promotion if it gets you more prospects, customers and clients.

For most of us, we do not like promoting ourselves. Sometimes it feels like we are bragging or somehow being not authentic. In truth, if you do not tell them, they do not know. It really is as simple as that. And in our ever growing “You Get Help, You Give Help” document and work-in-progress, we are at the step “Become Official Educator.”

Of course whether or not you decide to do this or not is entirely up to you. You may have already established yourself as a consultant, instructor, lecturer and teacher, in which case this will not be as useful to you. But if you are someone who has a lot of knowledge and experience in an area, you might find this useful.

How do you become an official educator? The first step is to decide to do so. The next step would be to book some speaking engagements. If you have never done a lecture or taught a workshop, you might consider getting some experience before promoting yourself as an educator.

Whether or not you plan to charge or not, you still need to market yourself. If you already have a workshop that’s great, if this website frames you as being an educator, even better. Achieving the right results involves being focused on excellence and doing right by the customer what you would like to receive.

If you do not have a website, not to worry. You might consider getting one of the many web builders out there, which means that you are able to easily create and maintain your website without help from a web designer or other professional. But if you do not want to pay the monthly fee of having this kind of service, you can start a website for free. Most web builders have a free offer where although the domain name has both your and their name, to start off this is not a bad solution.

Of course it is better if you have a professional site that conveys your expertise and has only one domain name, such as your own name. But you need to start somewhere so the point is to start. In the old days there was a lot of sales calls going on. This still occurs but not as intensely as before. One of the reasons for this is that there is a new way to do sales.

The new method for booking yourself can be using emails. This does not always work because people get spammed so often these days. But if you have an account using your own name or that of your company, as well as follow best practices, email can work fine. First, you need to include in the subject line something straight forward and simple.

For example, if you are looking to get a booking at an educational entity that relates in some way to your expertise, you can let the person you are sending the email to know in the subject line that you are a very qualified expert in a field that relates to what they teach. Especially if it is recent news, you can subtly get the word out that you have won an award.

And the content of your emails itself needs to be short, sweet and sincere. If you are looking for a paid gig, you will be more successful if you have a professional website because your emails can be from your domain name. Such as If you are an expert but have not taught a lot, you can more easily go with the no domain name website.

In your email you can then let the reader know that despite you have a great deal of experience in your area of expertise that could be useful to them. But also do not hesitate to let them know that you are moving into the educational realm and therefore are seeking opportunities to teach. This method truly works if done correctly and with sincerity and professionalism.

And of course, in your email you can provide the reader with a link to your professional or basic website or even to your details on a site where professionals list themselves. Doing some of these initial freebies and be fun, and before you know it you will become quite comfortable with being an educator.

Also, always be sure to ask for a letter from the individual who booked you saying how pleased they were with your presentation. This will be useful in the future, especially if you have three or four such letters. There is nothing quite so impactful than testimonials. So now it is up to you to “Become Official Educator.”

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Why We are in the Process of Helping to Develop a METHOD HOW to Successfully Use Media to Market Your Business that Appears on Mobile Phones

Media to the Rescue

The key reason we are in the process of creating METHOD HOW is directly related to the key reason why we started the New York City Apprenticeships in Media or NYC AIM. We knew that many of our apprentices would be going on to start their own businesses. And we realized that to succeed these days as an entrepreneur or even a employee, you need to have extra media tools. It is hard enough to start a small business but when you add the element of marketing, it becomes even more tough to deal with, especially because the primary place it would be seen would be on peoples’ phones.

Your Phone is the New Canvas

Even if you put together the business and marketing plan, the actual process of making your company successful has more moving parts than you you originally thought. And add to that technology is always evolving, then to stay competitive you need to have your finger on the pulse of media. Our definition of media is not just social, but includes all the online tools that one may use to ensure that your business is getting the best possible chance to do well. Marketing can be sometimes the most difficult because you need tangible results, and although there are low or no cost ways to do your promotional process, there are also very expensive means of promoting your company. They can be more accurate at reaching the audience you want, but even they do not score each time. We are speaking of ads on search engines or social media platforms ultimately on your mobile phone.

Big Corps with Big Prices

The benefit that ads from the big corps is that their real job is to collect data about your and others using their products. And not just the personal information you may have given when signing up for a social or search engine tool like email. Some of their most important data are the things you do, what you buy, and other of your habits on an ongoing basis. And although in theory ads can be an effective way to tap into the big American Corporate companies’ databases of digital info on people, these large conglomerates can also provide you with a miss if the right keywords were not used and other details.

A METHOD HOW to do Better with Entrepreneurial Challenges is on it Way Soon

This means potentially spending dollars on each single click, and if one or more of those clicks do not lead to purchases, you are out what you paid. Think about it. Have you ever done a web search and then see near the top of the screen that word “Ad” next to a listings? You know, the results that come before all the others? People pay for these and if you click on one of these ad links, that company sponsoring the ad gets charged a high number. Knowing that there is a need for low or no cost marketing that gets results is needed by small businesses, is our primary motivation for soon to be launching METHOD HOW. More details to come on the Blog Coalition!

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While Drinking Your Morning Coffee Learn Stuff from “Method How” so You Can “NYC AIM” to Get What You Want as a Startup Introvert!

Not Until 27

I did not start drinking coffee until I was 27 and working night and day recording music for a film project. Now several years later, I still drinking coffee every morning, but I try to be doing something constructive at the same time.

Hello All Hope You are having a Great Summer!

Although at times it has quite hot here in Manhattan, NY, as it has also been in many states across America, there have also been wonderful weather days for NYC activities such as “Method How.” We hope you are having a great summer as we have been. Without a doubt, it has also been great here in New York City, working with others so we can save NYC together post Pandemic. It has also been awesome observing the “Method” How process in development!

It Makes Sense

It makes sense that around two months ago “Method How” did what they called a Pre-Pre Launch. It occurred on The 4th of July! It was a celebration of our wonderful country as well as a window into a methodology that will surely be helpful for those who are Startup Introverts, as in owning a business or trying to start one. So now, the date July 4th, 2022, has become a date to remember. Plus, NYC AIM, in its new incarnation and mission, is proud to be a part of the development of the “Method How.”

NYC AIM Recommends You Take AIM of Your Goals as well as when the Curtains Open and “Method How is Onstage !

We have learned that in order to have a powerful outcome, is vital to first be clear on what overall you are “aiming” at, plus ask yourself “how” you are going to get the result you hope for. Be sure to aim in a positive way at what you want, while simultaneously being clear of the problem you are solving.

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How Turn Times of Tension into the Release of Laughter with Branding in Your Comedic Sales Video

Let’s face it, times or tough, but does that mean we should turn off laughter entirely and thereby risk falling off of the tightrope?

No of course not, but if you plan to use comedy in your digital promoting you are going to need to be very careful.

For example, let’s say you are in a dire situation where all hope is lost, juxtaposing this with someone who appropriately gets across some mirth, can be moving and generate a much-needed giggle.

In other words, if someone can take a tension filled circumstance and still receive a laugh can be of much value in tough times.

But on the flip side of this, if the brand message tries to cram in too much about the product or service being represented into a comedic spot, this can be a turn off.

So, you have to be clear about when to be funny and add in the giggles quite carefully.

Start by going back to the basics. Character and the specific situation that individual is in can make for amusement. Specifically, this is possible by there being an incongruity between the central character and the environment and circumstance they are in.

If there is a lot of contrast and juxtaposition between these elements, it is sometimes called “fish out of water.”

A key to making this approach to work is to first create a rough draft and then go back and tweak in detail, making certain that the spot you are developing has the right kind of contrast with the best possible intensity.

Get this wrong and your commercial or video might fall flat on its face after slipping on a banana peel.

One of the best ways that a product or service can receive help from humor is when somehow the concept that is funny is tied directly or indirectly with the brand itself.

It is a fine line because on the one hand you want to get across the features and benefits of the product and service, but on the other hand you do not want to hit them over the head with it, thereby turning them off.

As always think through ultimately the CTA (Call to Action) you want the viewer to take.

Because even when times are tough, there is an audience ready for a much-needed laugh despite the times.

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Start Your Own Digital Subscription-Based Business

Digitally Solve a Problem

In this Pandemic, many of us are staying in our homes working remotely (digitally). Others, who are facing challenges with their own micro business, now need help more than ever. A good place to start (if you are a micro business) is to digitize as many of the aspects of your business possible. To digitally transform your entrepreneurial venture is essential. Look at it in terms of the PROBLEM that you SOLVE for your customers. Take this insight and create digital services and products that also solve the same problem.

The Subscription-Based Model

It is no secret that most businesses that partially or completely rely on digital, are thriving. Take for example Netflix, they were able to transform their DVD business into an online streaming one and have done quite well. The crisis that we currently face is making it imperative to go digital. And most important is to come up with a business model that recognizes the effective model of starting a subscription-based undertaking.

Study Your Competitors

But that does not mean that starting a digital subscription base venture is going to be without its challenges. Like most businesses, there needs to be a tight relationship between the product or service provider and the web client. You also need to come up with an idea that disrupts the industry, doing something that is different than the competition. And of course, this works best if there is a proprietary component to it. You want to think about what other companies have a similar offering as you do. What features do they have and what is missing?

Find Your Audience

It is also good to look at what they do to promote and position themselves. Who is their audience? Will you be competing for the same customers? Putting in a bit of research can make things easier. Who are you trying to reach? Where can you find them online? And how will you get there when they are searching the internet for a solution like yours? When creating a demographic snapshot think in terms of age, income, and other qualities. You also want to make certain that the group you will be going after will benefit from as well as will want what your online subscription service makes available.

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Yianni Stamas on the Subject of Mountains We Climb for International Mountain day

Do You Have a Mountain You Need to Climb?

Do you have a mountain you need to climb? I know I do. Many mountains are in my life symbolically. I seem to have a lot of stuff I need to work out which I am doing so with a vengeance. And sometimes with a deep and quiet breath.

The Bond We Have

In a figurative sense we all have mountains to climb. And some of our students here at NYC Aim have climbed mountains in their lives.

Today is a Special Day for Mountains

Hello and welcome to this day 12-11-2020. Guess what today is? That’s right, it is International Mountain day. But why have a day focusing on mountains? Well, dating back to at least 1838, a group of students from Mount Holyoke College students named the day. Other colleges jumped on the band wagon including Juniata College and Smith College named it “International Mountain Day also, with the official naming coming in 1896.

What We Have in Common

But still that question has not been answered. Why have an International Mountain Day? It is because mountains are essential to our existence whether you live at at the highest elevations or even sea level, we have a bond to mountains and are impacted by them in many ways. This includes the fact that mountains provide most of our water.

Our Mountains Need Help

But that’s not all. Mountains have a large grouping of animas and plants and are the home to an estimated 1 in 10 people. For example, my brother lives near a famous mountain in California. Yet each and every day there is a big problem occurring. This is with the reality that climate change has adversely affected things like poverty and hunger affecting the amazing web of life. So International Mountain Day has to do with reminding us that our mountains need help.


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Zoom is Redefining Communication

Working with apprentices during the Pandemic is not all that different from the the methodology we were already using: interacting with students through remote means like Zoom.

Saving NYC

That said, we have paused our activities because of new projects coming our way, one of which is working with such groups as “Save NYC Together. “NYC” is right in our name so of course we want to help save it.

Seek Out Organizations

We recomend those reading this to volunteer or help in any way you can deserving organizations that exist.

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Innovation and Learning

At New York City Apprenticeships in Media we have long been known for our innovation in media and high educational standards. We are proud as many of our apprentices have gone on to jobs both in the industry and other meaningful paths.

I remember back when I was apprentice and didn’t understand why I wasn’t reaching goals as quickly as possible. I still get that frustration sometimes. It’s all good to feel this way because it is a part of what pushes you forward.

Education and self education are life long undertakings. I find myself learning new things each and ever day.

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Branding and Marketing


Branding first then marketing. Why? Because branding is defining what you brand is all about. And there many aspects to a brand. Too long to go into in more detail. But suffice to say, branding sometimes can start with a logo and everything can be built from there.


Once you’ve done your branding processes, then marketing can come into play. Marketing has to do with making your brand visible through various promotion strategies.


You need both

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New York City Apprenticeships in Media

Going Forward

New York City Apprenticeships in Media or for short, NYC AIM, was created on the foundation of helping apprentices launch careers for themselves. Back when we first started this process things were very different than they are today. We work hard to keep our finger on the pulse of what is going to be helpful to employment going forward.

Developing Your Own Path

As many of you know we are big fans of ArtisticPreneurship where the artist takes control of her or his business live and develops a business through this means. We are proud of our apprentices and are happy that many of them have been able to accomplish this. Though we also recognize that is not so much our program as having chosen apprentices who already had a savvy for developing their own path.

Don’t Wait for Opportunities

On a broader spectrum, we hope that over the years we have had an impact on our readers, some of whom may have been seeking a career in media. The message we have given out and continue to do so is to blaze your own trail, take control of your media practice and don’t wait to be given an opportunity but instead to evolve your own road ahead.