Being an Entrepreneur is a State of Mind

What is meant by the statement “Being an entrepreneur is a state of mind”? Quite simply, regardless of whether we are employed in a conventional “job” or not, we are all entrepreneurs (or should be) at the core.

True, your boss’ company may be paying your bills and you don’t submit invoices in the way that a products/services solution provider might do.  But the fact still remains that in order to succeed at an optimal level it helps to think like an entrepreneur.

Thinking like or having the state of mind of an entrepreneur means that you are driven by passion and are always keeping a check on the bottom line. This means maintaining a check on your spending and activities.

The best employees from an employer’s perspective are those who think like an entrepreneur. Meaning they think enough out of the box to help the company make extra progress yet work enough within the lines to maintain balance and equilibrium within the business.

Therefore, embracing the outlook of an entrepreneur is something you might consider whether you are currently employed or seeking employment.