New York City Apprenticeships in Media are Now Virtual

Taking it Virtual

When NYC AIM (also known as New York City Apprenticeships in Media) was created in 2011, its goals were to help in-person apprentices and interns of “Video Film Web,” to develop their multimedia skills. Getting these skills were designed to help the students to become digital professionals for hire. Or, for others to receive educational experiences that would show them how to promote their own business if they wanted to start one. Then in 2013, Video Film Web closed its office and studio after 12 years. This was done to now serve clients online. This meant that learning programs (like NYC AIM) would continue their missions, now in the form of digital information products.

eBook Solutions to Problems

Developing and publishing digital education products can be done on topics that fill a need. This process can be quite challenging unless you know the steps to take. Hence we began to work with companies such as “USA How To” and “NYC Create.” They helped us as consultants to be able to refine our approach and ultimately to take on a new business model. We started to not only help apprentices on the web, but also began to provide for businesses with online solutions to problems they faced as entrepreneurs.

Your Entrepreneurial Undertakings

Our goal then became to offer digital products that, regardless of whether you are a beginner or pro, would show you the step-by-step information you need to make a better income on the internet. This goes for both fulltime digital businesses as well as for those of you who are doing side hustles. We put a lot of work into developing easy online strategies that are useful and can instantly be applied to your entrepreneurial undertakings.

Start Your Own Digital Subscription-Based Business

Digitally Solve a Problem

In this Pandemic, many of us are staying in our homes working remotely (digitally). Others, who are facing challenges with their own micro business, now need help more than ever. A good place to start (if you are a micro business) is to digitize as many of the aspects of your business possible. To digitally transform your entrepreneurial venture is essential. Look at it in terms of the PROBLEM that you SOLVE for your customers. Take this insight and create digital services and products that also solve the same problem.

The Subscription-Based Model

It is no secret that most businesses that partially or completely rely on digital, are thriving. Take for example Netflix, they were able to transform their DVD business into an online streaming one and have done quite well. The crisis that we currently face is making it imperative to go digital. And most important is to come up with a business model that recognizes the effective model of starting a subscription-based undertaking.

Study Your Competitors

But that does not mean that starting a digital subscription base venture is going to be without its challenges. Like most businesses, there needs to be a tight relationship between the product or service provider and the web client. You also need to come up with an idea that disrupts the industry, doing something that is different than the competition. And of course, this works best if there is a proprietary component to it. You want to think about what other companies have a similar offering as you do. What features do they have and what is missing?

Find Your Audience

It is also good to look at what they do to promote and position themselves. Who is their audience? Will you be competing for the same customers? Putting in a bit of research can make things easier. Who are you trying to reach? Where can you find them online? And how will you get there when they are searching the internet for a solution like yours? When creating a demographic snapshot think in terms of age, income, and other qualities. You also want to make certain that the group you will be going after will benefit from as well as will want what your online subscription service makes available.

Yianni Stamas on the Subject of Mountains We Climb for International Mountain day

Do You Have a Mountain You Need to Climb?

Do you have a mountain you need to climb? I know I do. Many mountains are in my life symbolically. I seem to have a lot of stuff I need to work out which I am doing so with a vengeance. And sometimes with a deep and quiet breath.

The Bond We Have

In a figurative sense we all have mountains to climb. And some of our students here at NYC Aim have climbed mountains in their lives.

Today is a Special Day for Mountains

Hello and welcome to this day 12-11-2020. Guess what today is? That’s right, it is International Mountain day. But why have a day focusing on mountains? Well, dating back to at least 1838, a group of students from Mount Holyoke College students named the day. Other colleges jumped on the band wagon including Juniata College and Smith College named it “International Mountain Day also, with the official naming coming in 1896.

What We Have in Common

But still that question has not been answered. Why have an International Mountain Day? It is because mountains are essential to our existence whether you live at at the highest elevations or even sea level, we have a bond to mountains and are impacted by them in many ways. This includes the fact that mountains provide most of our water.

Our Mountains Need Help

But that’s not all. Mountains have a large grouping of animas and plants and are the home to an estimated 1 in 10 people. For example, my brother lives near a famous mountain in California. Yet each and every day there is a big problem occurring. This is with the reality that climate change has adversely affected things like poverty and hunger affecting the amazing web of life. So International Mountain Day has to do with reminding us that our mountains need help.


Where To Now? Any Magicians Reading This?


When an apprentice comes to NYC AIM (New York City Apprenticeships in Media) the very first thing we do is find out about what her or his goals are so we can construct a program for that students needs. The more tailored your Apprenticeship is, the more likely your are to being motivated to do the work.

Learning Experience

A surprising thing, well maybe not that surprising, is that apprentices often have goals of not getting a job with a company but rather how to become a entrepreneur. Students are liking the idea of being in charge of creating their own wealth and opportunities, and although we tell them the odds, they still sign on for that learning experience.

Booking Yourself as a Magician

In our title we ask “Where to Now? Any Magicians Reading This?” We have had apprentices interested in becoming magicians. I’d like to introduce some of the outreach components specific to being a prestidigitator. First and foremost, your act must be excellent. This is true of any entertainer including comedians, singers, ventriloquists, jugglers and more.

Social Proof is Important

Remember, when you have a terrific performance offering, you are more likely to get referrals for new gigs in the first place. One popular method is getting listed with as many  entertainment agencies possible. It is possible you will get work this way, but in truth the competition is intense, given that there are myriad other performers competing. Your best hope for booking is to keep your page fresh and to include things like social proof (testimonials of prior clients). If you are just starting out and are doing free shows, be sure to get the person who booked you to give you a testimonial.


Though, worry not, being in many booking firms is just the beginning. You can provide links to those pages for legitimacy and if you do get a booking from them you can put it on that page. But meanwhile you need to stay focused on the DIYdigi element. In other words, promote yourself with as many digital tools as you are able to acquiring including social such as Facebook and so on.



Zoom is Redefining Communication

Working with apprentices during the Pandemic is not all that different from the the methodology we were already using: interacting with students through remote means like Zoom.

Saving NYC

That said, we have paused our activities because of new projects coming our way, one of which is working with such groups as “Save NYC Together. “NYC” is right in our name so of course we want to help save it.

Seek Out Organizations

We recomend those reading this to volunteer or help in any way you can deserving organizations that exist.

Innovation and Learning

At New York City Apprenticeships in Media we have long been known for our innovation in media and high educational standards. We are proud as many of our apprentices have gone on to jobs both in the industry and other meaningful paths.

I remember back when I was apprentice and didn’t understand why I wasn’t reaching goals as quickly as possible. I still get that frustration sometimes. It’s all good to feel this way because it is a part of what pushes you forward.

Education and self education are life long undertakings. I find myself learning new things each and ever day.

Branding and Marketing


Branding first then marketing. Why? Because branding is defining what you brand is all about. And there many aspects to a brand. Too long to go into in more detail. But suffice to say, branding sometimes can start with a logo and everything can be built from there.


Once you’ve done your branding processes, then marketing can come into play. Marketing has to do with making your brand visible through various promotion strategies.


You need both

Social Media Truths

Students Online

Most of our students are online, and many of them are taking advantage of our free course offerings. They are first to see the latest posts of the Blog Coalition, which is a conduit for those interested in the media arts.

Media that Works

If you are interested in tapping media information made available, be sure to check out the Blog Coalition. See the latest information about media that works, including social media for small business and those with entrepreneurial ventures.

Three Free Things that Can Help Your Online Marketing Results

Another benefit of the Blog Coalition by way of DIYdigi, is that you can get a free newsletter with weekly online marketing tips regarding online marketing, plus a free instantly downloadable eBook about online marketing and even having the opportunity to get a free one page online marketing plan using online marketing. All this by going to You will be glad you did.


New York City Apprenticeships in Media

Going Forward

New York City Apprenticeships in Media or for short, NYC AIM, was created on the foundation of helping apprentices launch careers for themselves. Back when we first started this process things were very different than they are today. We work hard to keep our finger on the pulse of what is going to be helpful to employment going forward.

Developing Your Own Path

As many of you know we are big fans of ArtisticPreneurship where the artist takes control of her or his business live and develops a business through this means. We are proud of our apprentices and are happy that many of them have been able to accomplish this. Though we also recognize that is not so much our program as having chosen apprentices who already had a savvy for developing their own path.

Don’t Wait for Opportunities

On a broader spectrum, we hope that over the years we have had an impact on our readers, some of whom may have been seeking a career in media. The message we have given out and continue to do so is to blaze your own trail, take control of your media practice and don’t wait to be given an opportunity but instead to evolve your own road ahead.

Do it All On Your Phone

All on Our Phones

New York City Apprenticeships In Media, also known as NYC Aim, is very different today than it was when it first started several years ago. The main difference now as compared to then is that these days we do all our work on our phones.

How to Work with Us

And this is a good thing because all our apprentices have phones and all of them enjoy working on them. This has also made it possible to work with apprentices all over America. Our slogan could be “If you’ve got a phone, you can work with us.

Your Phone as a Creative Tool

Of course not everyone wants to edit video, compose music and more on their hand held device. Some may think that this actually inhibits their creativity because of the difficulty of hitting those small keys. This is true but not for everyone. The vast majority of the apprentices don’t feel this way and even prefer using their phone as a creative tool!