Innovation and Learning

At New York City Apprenticeships in Media we have long been known for our innovation in media and high educational standards. We are proud as many of our apprentices have gone on to jobs both in the industry and other meaningful paths.

I remember back when I was apprentice and didn’t understand why I wasn’t reaching goals as quickly as possible. I still get that frustration sometimes. It’s all good to feel this way because it is a part of what pushes you forward.

Education and self education are life long undertakings. I find myself learning new things each and ever day.

Branding and Marketing


Branding first then marketing. Why? Because branding is defining what you brand is all about. And there many aspects to a brand. Too long to go into in more detail. But suffice to say, branding sometimes can start with a logo and everything can be built from there.


Once you’ve done your branding processes, then marketing can come into play. Marketing has to do with making your brand visible through various promotion strategies.


You need both

Social Media Truths

Students Online

Most of our students are online, and many of them are taking advantage of our free course offerings. They are first to see the latest posts of the Blog Coalition, which is a conduit for those interested in the media arts.

Media that Works

If you are interested in tapping media information made available, be sure to check out the Blog Coalition. See the latest information about media that works, including social media for small business and those with entrepreneurial ventures.

Three Free Things that Can Help Your Online Marketing Results

Another benefit of the Blog Coalition by way of DIYdigi, is that you can get a free newsletter with weekly online marketing tips regarding online marketing, plus a free instantly downloadable eBook about online marketing and even having the opportunity to get a free one page online marketing plan using online marketing. All this by going to You will be glad you did.


New York City Apprenticeships in Media

Going Forward

New York City Apprenticeships in Media or for short, NYC AIM, was created on the foundation of helping apprentices launch careers for themselves. Back when we first started this process things were very different than they are today. We work hard to keep our finger on the pulse of what is going to be helpful to employment going forward.

Developing Your Own Path

As many of you know we are big fans of ArtisticPreneurship where the artist takes control of her or his business live and develops a business through this means. We are proud of our apprentices and are happy that many of them have been able to accomplish this. Though we also recognize that is not so much our program as having chosen apprentices who already had a savvy for developing their own path.

Don’t Wait for Opportunities

On a broader spectrum, we hope that over the years we have had an impact on our readers, some of whom may have been seeking a career in media. The message we have given out and continue to do so is to blaze your own trail, take control of your media practice and don’t wait to be given an opportunity but instead to evolve your own road ahead.

Do it All On Your Phone

All on Our Phones

New York City Apprenticeships In Media, also known as NYC Aim, is very different today than it was when it first started several years ago. The main difference now as compared to then is that these days we do all our work on our phones.

How to Work with Us

And this is a good thing because all our apprentices have phones and all of them enjoy working on them. This has also made it possible to work with apprentices all over America. Our slogan could be “If you’ve got a phone, you can work with us.

Your Phone as a Creative Tool

Of course not everyone wants to edit video, compose music and more on their hand held device. Some may think that this actually inhibits their creativity because of the difficulty of hitting those small keys. This is true but not for everyone. The vast majority of the apprentices don’t feel this way and even prefer using their phone as a creative tool!

Congratulations to Apprentices

Doing Good

You did good. You were down for those in the medical profession by applauding for them every day at 7:00pm E.S.T. Some of you now have blogs and are writing about it.

Not Easy

It’s not easy having a blog, even if your posts are often short like this one. Congrats on having the courage to say “Thank you” to essential workers. It does make a difference. We clang pots at 7:00pm in our household and are proud to do so. It must be difficult to put yourself in harm’s way as a medical professional.

Final Thoughts

Thank you apprentices for having the courage to acknowledge those who are making a difference. You are participating in making a difference by doing so.

COVID-19 Awaits NYC AIM Apprentices

Never has washing your hands had such symbolism making opportunities for apprentices.

Be Heard

This is an interesting time for NYC AIM and other apprentices. It’s been a long time since one issue was so consuming for so many people. This is the chance for the voice of an apprentice be heard.

Share Your Feelings

What are your feelings having to do with the Coronavirus? This is a unique opportunity to share your feelings in a video with a built in audience.

Make a Difference

So get your opinions on tap and make a difference in media of your point of view.

Media Projects You Can Do

Digital Media Projects You Can Do

In the past the apprentices we worked with would decided on a special digital media project they would work on, followed by actually implementing it. At the time we were working in a studio in midtown Manhattan where we could do both video and a variety of computer generated products and services. But you don’t need a fancy studio to be successful with digital media projects for your business or passion career.

Create Your Own Blog

We suggest from the onset that you create your own blog. It is going to be most effective if your blog is a part of your website. This means new pages of content and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). A part of the way that blogs are used these days is as a method to develop your ambassadors. This is done by first befriending your audience and then asking them to help you promote.

Many Projects to Pick From

Our students worked on a variety of kinds of topics including (1) creating a website, (2) developing a vlog, (3) putting together a PowerPoint presentation, (4) making a music video, (5) filming a public service announcement, (6) writing a play/movie script and (7) designing a personal logo. These projects are all things you can do too. Why are we telling you about these? They are presented to possibly inspire you to do your own media work. Why wait around? Do.

Create a Website

Creating a website can be a great way to hone your skills. There are many options for doing this. Just about every web host has a web builder and of course there’s always PowerPoint.

Develop a Vlog

This can be a fun one if you have the performing bug. Try to do a new installment every day, or every other day, or at least weekly. The mere act of regularly doing vlog posts will help to lead to building your audience.

Put Together a PowerPoint Presentation

This can actually involve a lot of creativity and planning. You want to think in terms of what is the purpose of the presentation? Who is it being shown to? And is it fulfilling its purpose?

Make a Music Video

This is a great way to not only work on your videography skills but can be helpful in developing editing skills.

Film a Public Service Announcement

It’s important to “give back.” Pick a cause you believe in and figure out a way through video to help that cause fulfill its mission.

Write a Play/Movie Script

This can be a terrific exploration of learning about how to tell a story.

Just a Few

These are just a few of the kind of projects you can do to evolve you skill set. A big thank you goes out to Manhattan Magician who shared his media expertise with us, as well as the group at Media Administration who inspired us to keep going with our “How To” approach.

Updates On NYC AIM

No New Apprentices

We now work with people digitally for various media activities involving PhotoShop, Final Cut Pro and more. We have all the products and services (including Movie Process’ Distribution Wing) of a regular production company but only online. Lately we’ve been receiving messages from those wanting to have a New York City Apprenticeship in Media (NYC AIM). Unfortunately at this time we are not taking on any new apprentices as well as doing any Media Administration workshops. Our focus from this point forward is going to be on online education such as collaborating on eBooks.

Persistance Can Pay

What then are options for those wanting to get into the film or media industries? One of the best ways to get your break is to become an intern for a company you would like to work at. I have a friend who got her start through doing this. They told her that no internships were being offered. She persisted and got an internship with a major studio. Persistance can pay if it’s done with some sensitivity.

Creating Opportunities

When doing an internship for a large company or studio, the downer is that you will likely receive low pay or even no pay. Sometimes it is a good idea to keep on going. The aim is to get your foot in the door and create more opportunities for yourself once you are in.

You Could Go Far

At the start of your internship there will likely be menial activities for you to do. But be tenacious and keep moving forward. If you have strong passionate motivation and are a people person, you could go far and maybe get into Media Administration.

Maybe Teach Yourself

Yet another way is to teach yourself like they do at Movie Process. A big free resource for this is YouTube. You can find a solution to just about any area that you want more information on.

You Can Educate Yourself

That’s what my brother and I did which has paid off. The process of teaching myself began a few years after I had, had an apprenticeship and had made some contacts. But I knew I needed more. So I taught myself by opening a business. It was profitable all 12 years of its existence and I was constantly having to teach myself new things because technology kept evolving.

Start Your Own Business?

Starting your own business is risky. But if you are able to define the solution you provide for those with the problem, you could succeed!

The Aim of NYC AIM

Now on the Web

From the very beginning the “aim” of NYC AIM was to fulfill “New York City Apprenticeships in Media,” also known as the acronym NYC AIM. What started as a live and in person experience has since been moved to the web so that more people are able to participate.

The Original “Total” Program

The orginal idea of NYC AIM was to create a “total apprenticeship experience,” meaning that all areas were covered. These areas included learning via NYC Workshops as well as a place to live as explored in NYC Housing Lottery.

NYC Triple Header

For 12 years NYC AIM shared with Video Film Web in Midtown Manhattan. In many ways, and all evolved together. At one time they were known as the NYC Triple Header.

Evolving Together

NYC Aim itself started it all by being launched in December of 2011, followed a few years after that by NYC Workshops in October of 2013, with NYC Housing Lottery trailing several years after that beginning in January of 2017.

Online Education is the Place to Be!

By 2018 it was clear that NYC AIM needed to find its home online. And as of August, 2019, there is even an internet program of online courses that has been added through the new website, USA eLearning. USA eLearning teaching materials are all digitally based and include online courses, email courses and PDF eBooks.

Any Age is Welcome

So where is NYC AIM to go to from here? The plan is to focus on online education with folks from all over the USA now participating. One thing that became clear to us from the very start, was that the apprenticeships went to people from ages 18 to 60 or more.

No Boundries Holding You Back

The feedback was that in an often agist world it was refreshing to have an organization that catered to all ages, because learning knows no boundries when it comes to age.

Not Just for those Over 50

In fact, it was one of the older apprentice participants who started the site, which by the way you don’t have to be over 50 in order to participate. You can of course be any age.

Provided for Artists of All Kinds

The NYC Triple Header of NYC AIM, NYC Workshops and NYC Housing Lottery continue to work together with a slightly different overall mission. The mission now is to help artists of all kinds by providing online education and information about artist housing when available.