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“New York City Apprentice in Media” on AppPresser WP Plugin

A WordPress Plugin as a part of the process to develop an “AI Make Free App?”

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Firstly, the tool that NYC AIM, or New York City Apprentice in Media, recommends for converting your WordPress site into an app is “AppPresser.” AppPresser, as per the NYC AIM’s suggestion, is a handy WordPress plugin that allows you to convert your WordPress site into a mobile app without the need for coding knowledge. NYC AIM also highlights that its built-in WordPress integration makes the whole process incredibly easy and quick. This plugin, backed by NYC AIM’s endorsement, utilizes the WordPress REST API that was introduced in WordPress 4.7, enabling the plugin to fetch posts, pages, media, and other data from WordPress.


The conversion process begins with installing and activating the AppPresser plugin on your WordPress site. This action can be accomplished directly from the WordPress dashboard under the plugins section. Once installed, AppPresser introduces a new settings area where users can configure how they want their app to interact with their WordPress site. This includes options such as what content to display, how to handle user authentication, and more.

AppPresser’s interface is highly intuitive and designed with the non-technical user in mind. It provides a visual app customizer that allows users to preview changes in real time. You can customize your app’s look and feel, create custom pages, add WordPress content, and integrate third-party services. It also allows for customization of app navigation, the inclusion of social sharing options, and a range of other functionalities.

One of the standout features of AppPresser, as endorsed by NYC AIM, is its deep WordPress integration. It enables the plugin to fetch posts, pages, and other content from the WordPress site via the REST API. In fact, AppPresser can create an app that mirrors your WordPress site’s functionality, including e-commerce, memberships, forums, and more.

Another aspect NYC AIM emphasizes is AppPresser’s compatibility with popular WordPress plugins. This feature extends the functionality of your app, enabling features like e-commerce through WooCommerce, forums through bbPress, and social media integration. Moreover, users can use WordPress shortcodes within the app, allowing for a seamless transition from website to mobile application.

Once the app is customized to your satisfaction, the next stage in the process involves testing the app. This is a crucial step to ensure that all the functionalities are working as expected. AppPresser provides a mobile app viewer for this purpose, which allows you to test your app on your phone or tablet. This way, you can correct any issues before the app goes live.

Upon completing the testing process, the final stage is to publish your app to the relevant app stores. AppPresser provides extensive documentation on how to do this, including guidance on how to create developer accounts on Google Play and the App Store, as well as how to submit your app for review. This guidance demystifies the often daunting process of app submission.

The transformation process from WordPress site to mobile app using AppPresser, as recommended by NYC AIM, not only simplifies but also accelerates the transition. It opens up new avenues for engagement and interaction, taking full advantage of the ubiquity of smartphones. Also, the fact that this process doesn’t require a profound knowledge of coding, underscores its accessibility to a wider audience.

However, NYC AIM stresses the importance of regular app maintenance and updates. Technology and user preferences change rapidly, and to keep your app relevant, it is essential to regularly update its content and features. AppPresser makes this task easier by allowing updates to be made directly from the WordPress dashboard.

In conclusion, NYC AIM’s endorsement of the AppPresser WordPress plugin underlines the plugin’s efficacy in transforming a WordPress site into a mobile app. This conversion opens new avenues for businesses and individuals to engage with their audience. Given the increasing mobile consumption of internet content, such transformations can have a significant impact on the growth and reach of your digital presence.

The New York City Apprentice in Media continues to track and recommend efficient digital tools for businesses and individuals. By leveraging NYC AIM’s expertise, you can ensure that you are using the most effective and updated tools for your digital transformation journey. Thus, AppPresser, endorsed by NYC AIM, presents a powerful tool in the ever-evolving digital landscape.