NYC Create Creates Opportunities for Creatives

NYC Create is the new arts organization that has as its mission to help artists – including musicians, writers, filmmakers etc. – to promote themselves, build their audience and ultimately monetize their art.

In a recent blog entry NYC Create announced the 2018 Platinum PIAs winners. Our congratulations go out to Bobby Hart, Danny Hicks, Gary Summers and Martin Stephens all of whom are artists making a difference in their communities and around the world.

In this same blog entry, NYC Create also gave tips and steps to be more successful as an artist, specifically during the “Proof Concept” phase of running your art as a business. This is what makes NYC Create unique in that it provides information each week for creatives to be able to take their creative careers to the next level.

In fact, NYC Create offers an information packed weekly email newsletter to help you achieve your goals as an artisticpreneur.

As subscribers ourselves we at NYC AIM recommend this newsletter as a source for those wanting to move the sharing and monetizing of their creativity forward online.