local marketing techniques by yianni stamas

You may have heard the term local marketing before, but what does it mean? Local marketing is when a marketer assists local businesses with learning how to market themselves locally.

Video Film Web Studios is a consultation company that teaches its clients how to market themselves. Although industries in terms of their business models can vary greatly, much of the time the same NYC Marketing Steps that were developed in New York, can be applied.

For example, a local New York business known as Immediate Wildlife Control has just been nominated for a prestigious Platinum Pias Award as seen here on the Yianni Stamas blog.

Being nominated for an award is a newsworthy event, therefore the NYC marketing steps being taken are to build visibility for the fact of having been nominated. In short, if you don’t tell them about it they don’t know it exists.

platinum pias awards is a training ground for apprentices by yianni stamas

Each year as we begin to announce the nominations, a process that happens periodically over several months, the interns and apprentices begin to work on the Platinum Pias Awards.

Developing the Pias each year is a training ground for them.

Apprentices developed the story and created graphics for it while simultaneously preparing for another Pia nominee in another area as will be announced tomorrow.

NYC AIM deconstruction by Yianni Stamas

Solution seekers and the solutions they seek.

The NYC AIM Web Empowerment System is a step by step approach to using the internet and special information web sites to reach specific groups of people who are searching online for solutions to problems.

Become a “Go Between”

The NYC AIM approach has the aim to get you in front of the people who are searching for your solution or to allow you to find topics and products that groups are interested in and be the “go between” between the people searching and the product they are searching for.

Connect with people

With the NYC AIM system this means not only connecting people with the solutions they seek but also you provide the service of wedding seekers with solutions.

How to Find a Niche by looking within.

The knowledge for determining a good niche comes out of a combination of in depth research techniques online as well as experience and putting yourself in the place of the consumer searching for the solution.

Solving problems

Specifically the niche you use must match the product you choose to present to this market demographic. It must solve the problem they are seeking a solution for.

Communication is important by Yianni Stamas


Whether you have an already established business and career or are just embarking on one, possessing a passion for the solution you provide – whether it is to entertain, to serve or to empower – is extremely important. As well as is your ability to communicate your message to those you already know or those you are presently reaching out to, so that they in turn can refer you to others and so on and so forth.


That is why developing your communications email list is so important.  Every email represents a valued ally – a human being who when communicated with in conjunction with the 6 other of the 7 layers of your campaign cake (including videos, social media, festivals, celebrities, content and publications) will get you new clients, jobs, referrals and awards.


And now for those with solid or emerging careers and businesses, you can possibly end up in the running for winning a Platinum Pia while collaborating on-camera with other stimulating doing co-promotions with them – helping each other to achieve success for the things you are mutually excited about.

barber expo as training ground by Yianni Stamas

NYC Aim is the curriculum used in the training division of Video Film Web Studios, PR Consultants.  And a part of the training is learning how to become a media personality.

You may recall Sean as being the young man who interviewed New York Giants player Justin Tuck on video for the New York Public Library’s Lights Camera Read program.

Recently Sean Mac Queen traveled from Queens to a town in Long Island to do coverage for a Barber Expo.

Sean’s mission, which he achieved admirably, was to interview various participants in the expo as well as build morale around his Lights Camera Read Platinum Pia entry entitled “Zombie Todd: The Undead Barber of Shriek Street.”

Sean has been nominated for a Lights Camera Read Platinum Pia. One of the things Sean learned about was the concept of niche – how his story entry had a barber theme that in turn connected to the theme of the expo.

In other words, barbers and others at the expo because of the “barber connection” were going to be good candidates to support Sean’s barber tale.

spreading the word throughout the neighborhood

Spreading the word throughout the neighborhood while helping your local community is what it is all about.

Dramatics NYC and their clients help the homeless. The message of need was communicated via digital means.

The clients of Dramatics’ 47th Street location brought in their coats – over 30 of them in total – that are now being distributed to the needy.

A special thank you goes out to the valued clients of Dramatics NYC who have helped to make a difference in the lives of their fellow New Yorkers.

This is a part of a bigger picture that Dramatics NYC and its 9 salons are embracing, which is building community through digital communication arts.

By joining together and using digital communication arts tools in these tough times we can make our neighborhoods better for everyone!

marketing strategy

Do you have a marketing strategy to achieve your goals? In order to get what you want you have to KNOW what you want. Did you know that many people do not succeed because they actually don’t know that they want? Sounds strange doesn’t it? But the fact is that even though some folks think they know what they desire they haven’t thought out their end goal carefully. That’s where using the art and science of being a marketing strategist can be helpful. A part of the marketing strategist approach is to take a picture of what success would look like and then working back from there. The more clear your projected picture is, the easier it will be to backtrack and figure out your marketing strategy.

education as entertainment

NYC AIM will be doing a three week workshop soon at a major educational institute in New York City. The first session will be a foray into the concept of education as entertainment.

To get the students’ attention the ten phases of the learning course will be debuted as magic tricks.