Yianni Stamas started with things he had been doing

Yianni Stamas started with internet media marketing things he had been doing for clients for years.  Ten things in fact. And from these ten things he built the NYC AIM curriculum.

  1. targeting your audience and niche
  2. SEO – search engine optimization
  3. two step selling
  4. media personality PR
  5. online publicity
  6. article writing
  7. promotional and educational videos
  8. ecommerce
  9. backlinks and social
  10. email and mobile

A Cog in the Wheel

NYC AIM is an important cog in in the wheel of a bigger communication network. It is the educational backbone of the wheel. NYC AIM is the mechanism through which you can take your passion and turn it into a functioning career through building your visibility online while bringing in a revenue source at the same time. It’s not going to be easy, but then what good things don’t take a bit of work and concentration? And by remaining focused and on track, you will succeed. People talk about “doers” versus “non doers” in terms of getting results. The fact is, that you can be a doer and not get anywhere. Why? Because you could be going through the motions of being a doer but without knowing it are ultimately just spinning your wheels. NYC AIM makes sure you aren’t just spinning your wheels but are actually going somewhere with all that expended energy.

The Web Dream Job System

The Web Dream Job System is a way for you to market your current career or business online while making money on the internet at same time. Then if you find you like the process, you have the option to make it your full time web dream job. And you are always in control of what you market. It can either be the marketing of your own products or those of others or both. And all the while you are building additional income streams and sharing value with others.
Regarding the products you are spotlighting, the system works to promote you simultaneously regardless of which direction you take. And you evolve as a media personality whether you are giving your feedback as an industry expert or even as an enthusiastic consumer.
The Web Dream Job System is modeled after the online art and science of where the employment solution of the future is moving, as well as is for many already a practical reality for today. You are limited only by your drive and imagination. Perfect for entrepreneurial artists and artisans.

Being an Entrepreneur is a State of Mind

What is meant by the statement “Being an entrepreneur is a state of mind”? Quite simply, regardless of whether we are employed in a conventional “job” or not, we are all entrepreneurs (or should be) at the core.

True, your boss’ company may be paying your bills and you don’t submit invoices in the way that a products/services solution provider might do.  But the fact still remains that in order to succeed at an optimal level it helps to think like an entrepreneur.

Thinking like or having the state of mind of an entrepreneur means that you are driven by passion and are always keeping a check on the bottom line. This means maintaining a check on your spending and activities.

The best employees from an employer’s perspective are those who think like an entrepreneur. Meaning they think enough out of the box to help the company make extra progress yet work enough within the lines to maintain balance and equilibrium within the business.

Therefore, embracing the outlook of an entrepreneur is something you might consider whether you are currently employed or seeking employment.

Students Teaching Students

The NYC AIM educational model, in addition to apprenticeships, includes students teaching students. There is nothing new to this approach, it can be found throughout the annals of education in forms including tutoring, counseling and coaching. By putting students in charge of the teaching of their fellow classmates it opens up new levels of learning both for the students being taught as well as the students doing the teaching. For those being taught there is a receptivity to the intake of information and for the student teacher it’s like the saying “there’s no better way to learn than to teach.”

Opportunities and Obstacles

With the immense promise of the internet comes both opportunities and obstacles. On the one hand it is a chance for businesses to “give back” while on the other hand, it can sometimes be frustrating because for any degree of success one does indeed have to work hard.

One of the reasons we formed NYC AIM was to save people from the aggravation of working hard and not seeing results.  There are no short cuts to success, only learning from mistakes. And if we can help others to not have to make the same mistakes we did, we are happy.

It’s all about the Network

It’s all about the network. And there are two major networks that are a part of the NYC AIM system: people and publications. People are of course the most important network. Realizing this, NYC AIM sponsored the formation of the Media Marketing Club which is a group of interns and others from Video Film Web Studios. The other network consists of the over 70 publications of Media Space NYC. The people network and the publication network actually work together.

The Benefits of the 10 Creative Steps

NYC AIM is founded on the ten action steps of the Web Dream Job System. Some may look at the ten steps and be curious as to how each on its own and collectively contributes to him or her achieving his or her job or business creation goals.

Each step is a a part of the creation, promotion and distribution of consumer solutions to consumer problems.

In other words, the 10 steps in a sense “Manifest Your Very Own Media Empire”. The actual examples of manifestations of the steps given on the Web Dream Jobs web site are not as important as the action benefits of participating in these sites or creating step correlating web sites yourself.

Either way there are benefits to getting involved with the 10 steps because in the end it is all about the network and the simple philosophy that you help yourself by helping others. It’s a beautiful thing!